Summary:  You know her as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law. But seldom as a woman… And maybe never as a human. Get ready… it’s time to unlearn and learn. A collection of musings that will have you reeling in a wave of emotion long after you are done reading, this powerhouse of work will make you smile, cry, go red in anger, nod your head in agreement, and grasp the finer nuances of what it means to be her in today’s world. A SMALL BOOK OF BIG LEARNINGS.

Genre: Society & Culture

Price: ₹150 ₹99

Format: Paperback

Published: April, 2018

Number of Pages: 184

Language: (Indian) English

Author: Reecha Agarwal Goyal

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-9387779532

Ameya Rating: 3/5

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Author Reecha Agarwal Goyal

Reecha Agarwal Goyal holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai. She has worked as a Wealth Manager in one of the reputed MNCs for six months before getting married in Delhi. Literature has always fascinated her and she has an undying passion for words. She believes that it is her kids, Aanya and Ayansh, who have brought out the writer in her. They make her see this world in a whole new light. Pink Musings is her first book and she desires to spend her entire life reading, writing, and travelling.