Storms make trees take deeper roots. – Claude MacDonald

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

Claude MacDonald

Hardships are inevitable in life. While the degree and severity of this distress may vary from person to person, no one can claim to have a life devoid of any issues. However, it is completely up to us how we react to these adversities and take control of our destiny.

Life always throws one challenge after another at us. Sometimes it tests our professional skills, while on other instances it is our relationships that are put through a rough patch. It is rather easy to feel frustrated and start blaming everything upon fate. However, one needs to keep reminding themselves that everyone has their fair share of problems in life. There is nothing unusual about having several rainy days in life, for we can always choose how we respond to such situations.

In a way, life’s trials and tribulations make us stronger for the journey ahead. Can you expect a person who has never faced any hardships to work his way out of a tricky situation later on in life? On the other hand, for someone who is already used to navigating through life’s ups and downs, negotiating another hardship may not be such a daunting prospect anymore. The confidence they get from overcoming one challenge holds them in good stead for the forthcoming ones.

Difficult situations also test our relationships to the fullest. While they certainly have the potential to break a seemingly unbreakable bond, they also come with the possibility of leaving it stronger than even. It is well documented that couples or families that stuck together through arduous times are closer than those that haven’t experienced such issues. This is because adversity fosters trust and interdependence.

Colonel Sir Claude Maxwell MacDonald, commonly known as Claude MacDonald, was a British soldier and diplomat. Best known for his tenures in China and Japan, MacDonald is also known to have remarked: “Storms make trees take deeper roots.”