An over-analyzer! Yes, that was me a few years ago. Like most people my age, I too had grown up with the ambition to work in a metro city. Once the right opportunity came along, I moved to a cosmopolitan city from my tiny village. It was boom! Everything seemed new – a new work culture, unfamiliar people, a more developed place, a modern lifestyle. It all felt so blissful, so perfect. Nothing, however, could have been further from the truth.

It did not take me long to realize that I was surrounded by people who listened to Coldplay more as a status symbol than a musical taste. Trendy shoes determined one’s social standing, and late-night parties were the parameter of how cool one is. Fast-food items were looked at as a basic necessity, and feelings, well they never mattered more than the number of one’s Instagram followers. It dawned on me that people were quite fond of materialistic things. And being an old soul, I found it hard to cope with this sudden, unexpected change in my life. On the outside, I tried to look as normal as I could. However, my head was all messed up from within. On more than one occasion, I caught myself thinking about stuff such as, “Are we all just after money and fame?”. Obviously, my train of thought would never stop at that.

On a free sunny afternoon, while I was cleaning my closet, I came across this book titled Yashaswi by Sudha Murthy. While far from an avid reader, my curiosity forced me to check the book out. I wiped the dusty cover clean and then read a paragraph, a page, and then the entire book over the next three hours.

Well, this experience gave me a new lease on life. I could actually experience the positivity I radiated. ‘Life is a leveler,’ said the book. This statement totally blew my mind! I thought about all the major setbacks in my life, and that is when everything suddenly started to make more sense.

Reading Sudha Murthy's Yashaswi brought about a positive change in the life of Spoorthy Konanur

For anyone and everyone who is in pursuit of some sort of enlightenment or awakening, I seriously recommend you to give this book a try. It drives home a very profound message – one that cannot be described, but rather needs to be felt. After all, we are all just tiny beings in the complex cosmos. Fretting and frowning about external forces is a sure-shot road to unhappiness. On the other hand, reading a good book can change everything – for the better.


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