Taslima Nasrin is known for her powerful writing on women’s rights and uncompromising criticism of religious fundamentalism. This defiance on her part had led to the ban on the Bengali original of this book by the Left Front in West Bengal as well as the Government of Bangladesh in 2003. While the West Bengal government lifted the injunction after the ban was struck down by the Calcutta High Court in 2005, Nasrin was eventually driven out of Kolkata and forced to expunge passages from the book, besides facing a four-million-dollar defamation lawsuit. Bold and evocative, Split: A Life opens a window to the experiences and works of one of the bravest writers of our times.
Genre: Politics
Price: ₹599 ₹256
Format: Hardcover
Published in: February, 2018
Number of Pages: 496
Language: (Indian) English

Taslima Nasreen

Author: Taslima Nasrin

Publisher: India Hamish Hamilton

ISBN-13: 978-0670090181

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