Books play a major role in our lives. Some people realize this at an early age, whereas others – like me – do it later on. I feel that books can be a great source of both joy and motivation. They sharpen the brain, bring down stress levels, and even alleviate depression or negativity.

As a child, I did not enjoy reading very much. In fact, my textbooks invariably filled me with a relentless anxiety. At the time, it was hard to guess that books would become my best friends in the future. As unforeseeable as this COVID-induced lockdown was the fact that it would be books that would help me cope with these gloomy times.

I am sure boredom has been a big issue for many people who have been forced to stay indoors during this pandemic. Curiously, this was the time when I actually fell in love with books. Having never even considered reading a book for the sake of killing time, it did not take reading long to become a worthwhile pastime.

Sourabh Ruhela became an avid reader in the middle of the lockdown

Besides boosting my knowledge, reading has also made me a more confident and imaginative person. It even made my life easier as a biologist! You see, reading had always been an integral part of my profession. However, I never really enjoyed doing so, which made the exercise a lot more unendurable. On the contrary, ever since I have started reading regularly, science journals have never felt more interesting. Well, while we are it, did you know that reading for as little as six minutes a day can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? And what if I told you that it improves communications skills and memory, too?

My literary preferences have not just been limited to my field of work – novels have intrigued me as well! Contrary to what most people might think, books can actually talk, provided you know how to listen to them. As your friends, books never turn their backs on you; you can always turn to them for solace or advice.


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