The mountains reverberate in my body,

Sending winds that sweep over the land,

In voices hushed and roaring.

Magnificent and opulent,

They guard me against my own feelings.


The rivers course through my veins,

Bubbling and frothing waters,

In soothing and cadenced waves

Defeating the chaotic stress,

Washing away the debris of hurt and pain.


The forests assault my senses,

Punctuated with minty grass and damp soil,

The songs of the birds longingly wander,

Urging me to vanish in the mist,

Ample thoughts to ponder over.


The ocean runs salty with brine,

Rejuvenating the tides of my heart

Uncovering the dormant pearls,

The waves are wild horses

Seeming to dance and swirl.


Cushioned in deep blue silk above

Are pearly white speckles

Translucent and vividly bright

Calling me to spread my wings

In the darkness of the night.


My bones are filled with rain and rainbows

Painting the horizon with

The colorful kaleidoscope of adventure

Until I finally find my soul’s place

in the midst of the serendipitous nature.

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya
Anagha Aglawe

As a professional writer, Anagha thoroughly relishes the challenges involved in writing heart-warming poetry. To know more about her, feel free to contact her over her Upwork profile here.