One sweltering Mumbai night, business tycoon Mihir Kothari takes a bite of a soufflé and drops dead. The CCTV footage seems to suggest that celebrity chef Rajiv Mehra is the assassin. By the looks of it, it is an open-and-shut case. Only that it isn’t.

A calamitous accident on the day the chef is to be executed allows him to escape and, driven by an inner calling, pursue a new life. However, he is still chased and hunted by the shadows he thought he had left behind. As spurned love tears him further apart, he returns in search of the real killer to prove his innocence. Just when he begins to believe, the killer has already chosen his next target: the chef himself!

Soufflé is a riveting thriller that delves deep into life, love and the passions that motivate people to do things you wouldn’t expect of them.

Genre: Thriller

Price: ₹299 ₹235

Format: Paperback

Published: January 2023

Number of Pages: 192

Language: English

Dr. Anand Ranganathan, author of Soufflé

Author: Anand Ranganathan

Publisher: Penguin eBury Press

ISBN-13: 978-0143459408