Someday I’m going to be free

And see nothing but the nature and me

Someday I’ll dance with the trees

And fly with the breeze.


Someday with the stars I will shine

Somewhere with the clouds I will cry

And maybe with the sun I’ll rise

Or maybe I’ll whisper among the skies.


Someday I’ll discuss life with the river

Or I’ll admire the fairies by the mirror

Someday I’ll help the glacier slide down the mountains

And after that I’ll splash with the water in the fountains.


Someday I’ll shake and sparkle like the fire

Or somehow, I’ll cool the volcanoes’ ire

And one day I’ll see nothing but the grass and sky

And from that day, like a fragrance, I’ll fly.


I know that someday

Is not far away

When my life will shimmer

And I’ll be happy forever.

…now that you’re here

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Pravin Kumar writer at Ameya

An ardent believer in that a good poem isn’t one that comes from, but through you, Pravin enjoys writing short but meaningful poetry. Write to him at to know more about him.