White powdery flakes drift through the air

Aimlessly wandering like a lost soul

They go where the wind takes them

As if on an evening stroll


From the warmth of his covers

With beady little eyes, he watched it float

Beautiful n mesmerizing was their creation

O’ how the heavens must gloat


Getting up from the bed he got near the window

And placed his hands on the glass

The view outside was breathtaking

Only if his illness would pass


Longingly looking at the white snow

He retreated to his bed

When can I go out and play?

Was all his heart ever said


A little bird knocked on the glass

Beckoning him out, it flew away

And the child’s eyes twinkled

He cried, “No, don’t go, please stay”


Mustering some courage

The little one finally stepped out

Powdery flakes showered him

With love and warmth


A smile appeared on his lonely face

As the bird watched him from afar

The snow was his friend

The bird his shooting star


The ache within his heart dulled a little

And he took a deep breath

The snowflakes hugged him

Now, he could embrace death

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

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