My love for story books began in my school library. In fact, the picture of my first day in second grade is still fresh in my mind.

We all queued up near the library with our fingers to our lips. The teacher opened the library gate, and what a surprising view it was in there. A room full of books. Now, I had already been a book lover and getting to see so many books at once was really fascinating for me. The teacher handed me a book titled The Mummy Mystery by Martin Widmark. I was so engrossed in it that it took me just a couple of days to complete the book. This was the start of my reading career. Officially, I mean.

Since then, the school library became my favorite place, one where I could spend hours and hours without getting bored. I would issue different books from the library. Some books that I still fondly remember are Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver in Lilliput, The Diamond Mystery, The Wizard of Oz and Tenali Rama, among others.

Earlier, when I was a kid, I found illustrated books more interesting. However, frequenting the library meant that there was a change in my reading preferences. I now enjoyed all kinds of books; pictures simply did not matter much to me. Yes, the works of authors like J. K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, Ruskin Bond, Khushwant Singh, and R. K. Narayan remain my undisputed favorites. That said, I do have a special place for the mystery genre in my heart. Such books make me feel part of the case at hand and motivate me to help the protagonists resolve it.

In fact, such was my passion for reading that it was not uncommon for me to get a telling-off from my parents for reading all those crime thrillers instead of my school books. However, this never really deterred me from doing what I loved. If anything, this prompted me to read online books as well. You may be amazed to know this, but there was a time when Google Play Books was the most-used app in my phone. I even completed the Crystal Frost series online!

Sneha Sen story on Ameya

Reading has added to and enriched my reservoir of knowledge. It has helped me understand and appreciate different cultures. It has taught me new expressions and added new dimensions to my creativity and imagination. I have learned many a life lesson from books.

In these times, when keeping yourself motivated can be quite a challenge, there are few things that do the job better than books. In fact, I do not think it is possible to count the pros of reading, not at least in one story. As for the cons, I do not think there are any. Books are probably the only coin with just one side; they can only take a person forward in their life.

That is all for my story. Keep reading and keep learning!


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