Nothing is quite as intimidating as a target. Many of us have a hard time achieving our goals, be it professional, personal, or health goals. When you keep failing at your unrealistic ambitions, your sharp brain tries its best to safeguard you from the pain and negativity that failure entails.

In Small Wins Every Day, Luke Coutinho shares an easy secret that can teach you to rewire your brain for success. He gives insights into how you can break down your goals into small wins that you can achieve on a daily basis. Stacked over time, these small wins make for significant lifestyle changes, good health, and happiness. Simple and bite-sized but packed with a punch, here are a hundred small wins to change your life.

Genre: Healthy Living & Wellness

Price: β‚Ή399 β‚Ή320

Format: Hardcover

Published: May 2023

Number of Pages: 264

Language: English

Luke Coutinho, author of Small Wins Every Day

Author: Luke Coutinho

Publisher: Penguin eBury Press

ISBN-13: 978-0670099511