Hey, everyone! My name is Siddharth Bisht and I am presently a grade-twelve student. I have been a diehard soccer fan since the age of four, so much so that I told my parents that I wanted to learn soccer. They readily agreed and enrolled me in a soccer academy.

Frankly, I was totally crazy about soccer. In fact, I would happily get up at four in the morning just to get some extra soccer practice. Time only served to increase my passion for the game. Day-long practice sessions meant that my skills got more refined and my game became technically sounder. And that is when I heard about a living soccer legend – Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, so impressed was I by his game that I would closely watch his matches and try to replicate some of his moves on the training pitch. It was not long before I made it my life goal to play in the same team as CR7.

However, this dream was short-lived as grade ten beckoned. My parents pulled me out of the academy and told me to concentrate on my studies so I could land a decent job in the future. I was totally against this decision and protested vehemently. But considering the odds that were heavily stacked against me, I had little choice but to comply with my parents’ verdict.

Unsurprisingly, the Board exams were nothing less than catastrophic as I failed miserably in four subjects. Figuring out that my heart lay somewhere else, I made another plea to my parents so they would let me play again. Much to my dismay, however, they re-enrolled me in grade ten. Frustrated, I decided that I would flunk the exams again – this time on purpose. That felt like the only way I could convince my parents to let me play.

It ultimately took a quote – yes, a simple quote – from a book I read during my summer vacation for me to reconsider my stance. It said, “If life gives you lemons, just squeeze them and prepare a lemonade”. There are times in life when small, seemingly uneventful things leave a lasting impression on you. That is just what that line did to me. I decided to study hard, get a good job and become financially independent to be able to pursue my dreams. If that was the only way I could follow my passion, I was willing to go down that path.

There was no looking back from there. I studied day and night, and my hard work paid off in style as I scored an unbelievable 96.4% in my grade-ten Board exams! I did not stop at that and topped my class in the following grade. Now, as a twelfth grader, I cannot wait for my Board exams to make sure I make it three out of three.


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