It all started when I was a ninth grader. I had heard a lot about this book from my family and friends, so the curiosity had been building up inside my head. Once I decided to go for it, I couldn’t help falling in love with the book. For someone who had always wondered how one could enjoy a book’s company so much, this was a life-changing experience for me.

The book was none other than Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Written in the simplest way possible, the book was designed in such a manner that even a newbie like me could easily grasp all the concepts put forth by the author.

This book brought about a complete change in my outlook on life. More than anything else, it motivated me to stay positive in life, even when the going got tough. It drove home the point that things will eventually fall into place.

Books often teach and emphasize the things we tend to forget in our everyday lives. I’m not referring to the things one learns from their textbooks at school or college, but the life lessons one can get from the books or novels we read in our leisure hours. They impart the importance of forgiving, understanding, and being a good human being. Books can also be an amazing stress buster after a long, hard day. They can even take us down the memory lane, helping us relive the best moments of our lives. However, arguably the best thing about books is how easily one can find solace in them when they are going through a rough patch in their life.

In an era where our interests guide our hobbies, books can still be one of those unselfish friends that make our lives meaningful. They help us become better versions of ourselves without asking for or expecting anything in return.

There is a very beautiful J.K. Rowling quote that perfectly sums up the effect a good book can have on a person:

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.

As a bibliophile, I second this thought. A good book can not just liven up your mood, but also change your approach to life itself. It restores your belief in the fact that anything and everything can happen, for nothing is impossible.


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