Sanskrit Non-Translatables is an unprecedented attempt at Sanskritizing the English language and enriching it with non-translatable Sanskrit loanwords. It builds on the original idea of the non-translatability of Sanskrit, which was first presented in the book, Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Imperialism. The book, however, is not just meant for Indian readers stuck in the mire of the incorrect translations of Sanskrit words. It can also be seen as a starting point for English readers to introduce Sanskrit loanwords into their English vocabulary, without the need for translation.

Sanskrit Non-Translatables also presents the detailed process of digestion and examines how Sanskrit words are mistranslated into English. The book aims to kick-start a movement to resist the attempts at declaring Sanskrit a dead language by purposefully mistranslating its indigenous gems. The book also expounds the reasons why this was done in the first place. It examines how the missionaries, motivated by their zeal for conversion, looked at Sanskrit from their prejudiced prism of the Abrahamic concept of religion.

The well-researched book analyzes fifty-four non-translatable words that are commonly translated incorrectly. It encourages English speakers to confidently include these words into their everyday speech.

Genre: Linguistics / Culture

Price: β‚Ή450 β‚Ή261

Format: Hardcover

Published: November 2020

Number of Pages: 288

Language: English

Rajiv Malhotra, author of Sanskrit Non-Translatables : The Importance of Sanskritizing English

Authors: Rajiv Malhotra & Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji

Publisher: Amaryllis

ISBN-13: 978-9390085484