For a kid who was into video games from his early schooldays, I did not have the time for or the interest in reading. That has pretty much been the story of my life, more than half of which has been spent playing video games. I still play them, though they have ceased being my only hobby now, for books have rapidly caught up.

It all started when my father brought me a Chacha Chaudhary comic. I enjoyed reading it, mostly because of the fact that children in general enjoy reading illustrated books. That was the first time I had read any book with complete concentration. I’d be honest here – all those years, I would just read my school books to score well in the exams. However, once I was done reading that comic, I felt desperate for more. I was quite impressed with the way cartoons were presented in it, so I almost begged my father to buy me a few more. The next day, he got me around 10 more comics, and it took me less than a week to finish reading them.

After taking my eighth-grade exams, I started reading fiction novels. I also started buying all sorts of children’s books. From puzzle books to bestselling novels, I had them all! In fact, things had reached a stage where my mom would get upset whenever I pestered her to buy me more books. With time, I grew more specific about my preferences and started reading mystery novels only.

Comics were what ignited Sannidhya's interest in reading

Now, even as an undergraduate, I’m glad that I haven’t stopped reading. I feel that books aren’t just a bunch of pages with a cover; they are an honest reflection of its writer’s emotions. By reading a good book, you get to know a lot more about its author. For instance, I usually imagine things while reading. This makes the reading process a whole lot interesting and entertaining for me.

So, all in all, if you have somehow stumbled upon my story and do not happen to be particularly fond of reading, just give books one chance and you will never regret it.


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