Ever since I was a kid, I saw books as nothing but part of the school curriculum. The thought of reading a non-curriculum book was almost unimaginable at the time. As someone who barely managed to read through his course books, reading an out-of-syllabus book was, at best, perceived as an utter waste of time.

This was true until I began reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. To be honest, this book changed my entire perspective on life. It transported me to a hitherto unknown realm, where I felt different from the rest. And I guess that is what books do; they allow us to explore new worlds that help us gain a better understanding of our own.

Anyways, that was how my journey started in the fascinating world of books. I began by trying my hand at various genres to find out which one was best for me. One of the benefits that came from this exercise was that it helped relax my mind and body. Whenever negativity or confusion seemed to get the better of me, I would turn to reading books on practical subjects. That in itself relaxed and reassured me, motivating me to read books between my study sessions to make the most of the break.

Books helped Sandeep become a more relaxed and focused person

Another advantage of reading was the positive impact it had on my focus. I became more career-oriented and receptive in my ideas. My brain was able to process new words and beliefs. I was able to interact and socialize with people of different tastes. Having become a more open-minded person, I could understand and relate to their thoughts and beliefs. As someone who had started to see social media as a distraction, I tried to keep myself away from it. Instead, I decided to use the Internet for more productive purposes. This, in turn, helped me foster a positive mindset and inspired me to do the things that I had always wanted to. Having now read about 50 books since I began this journey, I can say with conviction that the knowledge I have gained will hold me in good stead going forward.

Jim Rohn has quite aptly express the significance of reading in the following words:

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.

I have come to believe that the knowledge we get from books eventually helps us stand out from the crowd. And the fact that this is just one of the countless benefits of reading tells us a lot about how indispensable they are to us.


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