When planning for the future, we often wonder, ‘What will the economy be like this time next year?’ Or ‘How different will things be, say, a decade from now?’ But making predictions is a tough job. The important events that will shape the future are inherently unpredictable. What we need to do instead is ask a different question: What will be the same ten years from now? What will be the same one hundred years from now? Knowing about things that are not prone to changes is far more useful and important than an uncertain prediction of an unknowable future.

In his book Same As Ever, bestselling author Morgan Housel shares twenty-four short stories about the ways that life, behavior, and business will forever be the same. Armed with this knowledge of the unchanging, you will have a remarkable newfound ability to think about risk and opportunity. You will also be more confident about navigating the doubtful nature of the future. As you come across familiar themes repeat again and again – both in the book and over the years to come – you will find yourself nodding, ‘Yep, same as ever.’

Genre: Self-Help

Price: ₹450 ₹332

Format: Paperback

Published: November 2023

Number of Pages: 224

Language: English

Morgan Housel, author of the book Same As Ever

Author: Morgan Housel

Publisher: Harriman House

ISBN-13: 978-1804090947