A teen’s life is a roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs. Teenage is undoubtedly the most trying phase in a person’s life. This transition from childhood to adulthood is fraught with multiple physical, emotional, mental and psychological changes.

Like every other teenager, I, too, experienced these challenges. When I reached a breaking point, I instinctively turned to books. Like a good friend, they helped me find my true self. Over the years, I have sensed how books can assist us in overcoming setbacks and fine-tuning our minds. They not only boosted my vocabulary, but also improved my focus and self-esteem.

Contrary to how most people look at books today, they are not all about academic or professional success. A passionate reader will always stress how mesmerizing reading can get. Books feed our imagination like no other source of leisure can. This was even more evident in my case, for I grew up in an environment where hanging out with friends was a forbidden fruit. Whenever I watched a Disney movie, the curious kid in me would wonder what it would be like to live a fairy tale. Looking back, I can proudly say that I got to experience that, thanks to the books I read. In fact, I still remember how happy I felt imagining myself as Cinderella or Rapunzel. The experience was truly rewarding.

However, it isn’t like books are all about fables. In fact, my favorite author, Robin Sharma, is a self-help writer. His book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, had a profound impact on me. The extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a lawyer forced to confront his spiritual crisis after a life gone awry and the subsequent, life-changing wisdom he got on a cathartic odyssey, made sure I never felt lonely again.

Reading helped me overcome the overthinking tendencies I had inherited from my parents. I used to have a hard time taking a stand on anything, for I was constantly plagued by self-doubt. Books helped me change that, and a lot more. My reading habits also meant that I could socialize better, networking with like-minded individuals. All in all, books have helped me become a better version of myself, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for that.


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