Hello, everyone! My name is Ruchi Singh, and I am currently a college student pursuing her bachelor’s degree in accounting. My story is all about how I fell in love with reading and how books changed my life for the better.

Back in my school days, I simply hated reading books and going to school. My parents would scold me crazy for my disinterest in studying or reading. However, little did I know that my life was about to change forever.

You see, our school organized an annual book fair. When I was in grade five, I considered visiting the fair, even though I abhorred books.

Even so, I convinced myself to go there. At the book fair, I was overwhelmed to see so many books of multiple genres, so much so that I had no idea which book to pick. I randomly grabbed a storybook titled Cinderella. When I opened the book, I came across stunning pictures of the princess and her life. Before I knew it, I was leafing through the book’s pages. For the first time, a book had captivated my imagination and I had grown curious about the story. I eventually purchased the book and brought it home.

I would read that book every day. Surprisingly, and contrary to all my opinions about books, it was not boring at all. Reading this short book motivated me to give my academic books a try as well. I was amazed at how the same books that made me sleepy had suddenly become so interesting. And that was not all.

Ruchi Singh believes that one storybook completely changed her outlook on books

My newfound interest in reading meant that I was a regular fixture at the school library. In fact, I started spending a considerable chunk of my time at the school library. There, I would read books on a variety of subjects. This showed in my vocabulary skills, which helped me ace many a speech contest at school. I would even write and publish articles on a wide range of issues. Academically, my performance in exams – particularly in English – had improved by leaps and bounds.

Looking back, I actually miss those book fairs and library visits. That book really changed my outlook on reading, and I could not be more thankful for that.


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