Marriage is one of the most beautiful events in a person’s life. It is a beautiful dream cherished by every girl. However, it became a painful experience for me just a few months after I tied the knot. I was trying my best for the things to work, but all my efforts proved futile. Despite having done well at my academics, I had to give up on my PhD dream so that I could focus more on my family life. I found myself in a deep depression as constant conflicts pushed my marriage to the verge of breakdown. Holding myself responsible for everything that was going wrong in my life, I started feeling that I did not deserve to be loved.

That’s when my friend gifted me Rhonda Byrne‘s The Secret. My thoughts underwent a great change over the next few weeks. However, it was just the beginning. I went on to read a lot of motivation and self-help books such as The Power of your Subconscious Mind and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, among others. I realized that self-love is the most important part of a person’s love life: love yourself, love who you are, love the qualities you have, and accept and acknowledge your flaws as well (we all have them!). Treat yourself with utmost compassion – your soul needs it! These were some of the things I learned from the aforementioned books.

Energy flows where attention goes. Everything in our universe is energy. Our thoughts are very powerful because energy is transmitted through our thoughts. Perhaps the most important and precious life-changing lesson I learned from the above books was on how we should completely delete words like depression, hatred, failure, anxiety and confusion from our life. Changing my thought pattern was what helped me channelize my energy toward the more positive things in my life.

The time I invested in reading yielded handsome returns. Books brought about a 360° change in my fortunes; they are what boosted my self-esteem and blessed my soul with peace. I feel that those who wholeheartedly confide in books once never have to be alone in the dark times. Books won’t solve your problems for you, but they do give you the strength to face and solve them on your own.

A short but touching story that was, Richa! We hope you won’t ever give up on your reading habit and will keep overcoming all the obstacles that come in the way of your personal growth.

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