A new mother, Rachna is far from happy with her life and decisions. Her best friend, Devi, understands it is a phase of postpartum depression. She tries to soothe and comfort Rachna. However, Rachna only seems to regret her own life. She thinks that Devi, who is a travel blogger, has a very fun life.

Rachna wishes to go back in her past, reset it and resume living as per her choices, choices that will make her life exciting.

Will Rachna be able to change her past?

Will her dreams come true?

Or will she make more mistakes leading to more troubles?

What happens to her baby?

Where is Jay in his new life?

Namita Das’ Reset. Restart. Resume. is all about how Rachna gets her life back together.

Genre: Short Stories

Price: β‚Ή49

Format: eBook

Published: September 2022

Number of Pages: 26

Language: English

Namita Das, author of Reset. Restart. Resume.

Author: Namita Das

Publisher: Self-Published