Hi, everyone! I am Ratnesh Kumar Jaiswal and this is the story of how books changed my life for the better.

Well, I had always been an introverted child, and books were my only solace. It helped that my parents themselves were avid readers and always encouraged me to read. While initially hesitant, I learned that I actually enjoyed reading stories. Growing up, this bond with books only grew stronger. I started frequenting the library every week, borrowing one book after another and losing myself in the stories they had on offer.

It wasn’t long before I found the book that would change my life forever. It was a novel about the adventures of a young girl who traveled the world. The deeper I went into the book, the more it felt like I was right there with the protagonist, experiencing everything she did.

I was absolutely hooked. I began reading even more, trying out different genres and discovering new authors in the process. There was a point when I would spend hours in my room, lost in the pages of a good book. As I read, I found that books could help me push the boundaries of my imagination and expand my worldview. I learned about different cultures and historical events. Strangely, I started empathizing with people who were different from mine.

Ratnesh Kumar Jaiswal story

My love for books didn’t go unnoticed by my family and friends. They were amazed by my ability to remember details from the books I had read long ago, not to mention my profound understanding of complex subjects. My passion for reading became a defining part of my personality, so much so that I always had a book on me and could strike up conversations with people about their favorite books.

In hindsight, I feel that books opened up a whole new world for me. I shall be eternally grateful to them for inspiring me and helping me become the person I am today.


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