Books are one of the most underrated means of entertainment. It is actually a pity that most people choose to ignore these gems.

We have all met someone who attributes their command of English to the English movies/shows they watched. In my case, however, that credit goes to books. While movies and shows can help you develop a near-native accent, but with books you can actually learn the language and master its subtle nuances. Like most people in their twenties, I too started my reading journey with Harry Potter. I grew interested in reading the series after I had watched the movies. That said, it was only after I read the series that I realized that the books actually made more sense than the movies. To put things into perspective, I have read the Harry Potter series a whopping 4 times! And that I did in sheer awe of Rowling’s genius and, of course, the gripping plot.

Pranav SriKrishna was so captivated by Harry Potter that he ended up reading the series four times over!

It was only after reading Harry Potter that I developed a taste for fantasy, which prompted me to look for more fantasy novels. The search ended with me finding the perfect fantasy novel, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. For those who have not heard of this breathtaking series, I am sure Game of Thrones does not sound so unfamiliar. The surprising thing here is that I actually started reading the series before I had began watching GOT!

Over time, Pranav SriKrishna also started exploring other genres outside his comfort zone

Anyways, it would be wrong to assume that my reading preferences were limited to fantasy novels. Sure, they did keep me entertained, but there are a few non-fantasy books that changed my life. They even guided me in my career choices. One such book was Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. This masterpiece has to be one of the most underrated books out there! It seems like a documentary, but the concepts presented therein are simply mind-blowing. After reading this book, I became extremely keen on reading the other works of David Simon and Edward Burns. The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood particularly caught my attention. These books changed my life and made me choose law enforcement as a career option. These books feel so real. They exhibit the realities of our society, underline how the law-enforcement system works, and prove how it has failed big time.

All in all, not only have books amused me, they have also helped me make significant career decisions. They even got me hooked on creative writing! The amount of creativity and hard work that goes into making a book possible is something that motivated me to no end. Now, as a certified content writer, the impact of books on my life has never been more obvious.


Besides an avid reader and an enthusiastic content writer, Pranav SriKrishna is also an avowed ferroequinologist. You can get in touch with him over his Instagram handle here. If you are into cars, trains, buses and automobiles, you can also subscribe to his up-and-coming YouTube channel here.

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