To be honest, I detested books back when I was a schoolgoing kid. On second thoughts, I was not completely averse to reading; I preferred reading picture books to those boring black-and-white textbooks. As years passed by, the library period saw us compelled to read for one hour. With no other option, I began to read the books that seemed the least uninteresting. By the time I was in fifth grade, my perspective had undergone a complete change. My reading habits were now motivated by books that I found interesting. Something that began out of compulsion had turned into a nice little hobby.

Growing up, I read many books. Although comics still occupied most of the space in my bookshelf, novels were catching up with them pretty fast.

I had to change schools in the ninth grade, which kind of distanced me from my reading habits. It was probably due to the fact that the new library did not have a lot of comics and novels. As a result, I barely read any non-curriculum books over the next four years. I used this opportunity to focus on my studies. Holidays offered welcome breaks to treat myself to my favorite novels. Even so, such opportunities were few and far between. My friends, however, more than made up for this void. Thanks to them, those were perhaps the happiest four years of my life. Things might have been completely the opposite had it not been for them.

Pooja Sri was reunited with books when college life beckoned

Today, college life has reunited me with books. Being a free bird, I can spend quality time reading novels. As I continue to grow, so is my interest in reading. I am often asked what my favorite hobby is. I just smile and say that I enjoy reading, especially black-and-white books. How about you?


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