People always said that reading can help you find a solution to almost everything, though I was too skeptical about it. Books had always been synonymous with lullabies for me ever since I had come to know what studying actually was. However, destiny had something else in store for me. Eventually, I forayed into studying literature as a part of my graduation where books were the only thing I was surrounded with. Though I was never an eager beaver, these books had something different about them. From Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf to R.K. Narayan, literature was not just about academia; it was about exploring yourself by exploring the lives of such writers and their characters.

Later on, I came across Christopher Marlowe’s iconic drama Doctor Faustus, which changed my idea of reading forever. For me, it was of not just the script of a play, but a plot that had a deeper meaning about life. In addition to that, by the end of my graduation, there were moments when I was thrilled by the stories as well as the reality behind the fictional characters. Moreover, some of them were so overwhelming that they would bring tears to my eyes whenever I used to imagine the story while reading it. This includes stories based on various events from history that changed my perspective towards diverse incidents and communities.

Pariksha has a special place in her heart for English literature

While the graduation years may have come to an end, the reader inside me is far from done. Somehow, these few years helped me look at the other side of the world in a different manner. Sometimes, I just pick up my favorite books to reinvigorate myself a bit. I feel that reading not only helped me change my ideology but also made my linguistic skills way better than what they were all those years ago. Nowadays, even if I do not have the time to pick up a book and start another story, I just use my mobile phone to read different articles and interesting short stories.

We’re glad that literature has helped broaden your horizons and shape your ideological set-up, Pariksha. Thank you for reaching out to us with your short but fascinating story!

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