Nostalgia is in the brown half-toothed smile your sister flashes upon you after you buy her the chocolate-chip ice cream instead of the cheaper vanilla.

Nostalgia is in the surreptitious smile you catch your mother in, as she stumbles upon an old song that must have rewound the time for her.

Nostalgia is the echo of laughter from a stranger’s gut that seems to have been borrowed from your best friend’s, when she had seen you slipping on awkward roads.

Nostalgia is in the wide smiles you see in your mind whenever you recall your father’s bad jokes.

Nostalgia is in the slow smile you find on your own, when dipping into the shallow end of the pool of past, where all the good times swim.

Nostalgia is in the smiles.

…now that you’re here

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Ria and her love affair with reading
Ria Mishra

Appreciating good poetry is an art, just like writing it. To check out more poetic gems by Ria, make sure to follow her on Instagram. After all, there is no bigger motivation for a poet than an encouraging reader.