Indian tech entrepreneur Mukesh Bansal has been an outspoken advocate of human performance optimization. His in-depth study of the science behind it underlines his belief in the human ability to transcend apparent limitations and fulfill one’s true potential.

Bansal has worked closely with some of the biggest names across sectors ranging from sports to entertainment. However, it has been his experience in the field of health and fitness that has made him realize the immense power of plasticity. He defines it as the ability of the human brain to almost willfully rewire and reprogram itself as we acquire new skills. He also suggests that all the modern-day greats depend on time-tested tools and tricks. These techniques, he claims, are validated by ancient wisdom and modern science alike. The biggest takeaway from No Limits is Bansal’s assertion that high performance has nothing to do with genetics or luck.

Bansal has successfully condensed a lot of information on talent hunt, deliberate practice, positive mindset, willpower and learning into No Limits. The book is a guide to maximizing one’s potential with the help of clear-cut strategies. Regardless of what field of activity one is involved in, they can certainly boost their performance levels and aim for the stars.

Genre: Personal Development & Self-Help

Price: 599 399

Format: Paperback

Published: January 2020

Number of Pages: 382

Language: (Indian) English

Mukesh Bansal, author of No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance

Author: Mukesh Bansal

Publisher: Westland

ISBN-13: 978-9389152234

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