My love for books started when I was pursuing my master’s in business administration. The central library of the university was the cynosure in bookworm circles. It had books of almost all genres, but I would always look for fiction and psychology-related books. I spent almost four hours a day in the library. This practice went a long way in helping me crack the NET examination, which was one of the toughest exams I had ever cleared.

Over time, my interest in reading translated into a passion for writing poetry, and I was soon serving as the editor of our college’s annual magazine. That experience gave an immense boost to my creative and analytical skills. During my internship program, I was required to write a project report, which, mind you, is a far more daunting task than writing poetry. That’s where a few methodology-related books came in handy.

As I grew up, I decided to forge a career as a radio jockey. My imagination and creativity, which I completely owe to the books I had read, meant that I could come up with interesting scripts. After a brief stint as an RJ, I started working as an assistant professor at a college. I soon became popular among my students due to my interactive teaching methods. I always encouraged them to try and explore things beyond their curriculum.

Age has only fueled my love for reading. I have become a big fan of Paulo Coelho’s works. I have been reading Devil and Miss Prym of late. Books are a man’s best friends. They can adapt to their readers’ needs and offer them the type of motivation or support they need. In my opinion, that’s what makes books so unique.


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