Books Ameya commenced its journey on April 27, 2018 as The Ameya Literary Foundation (TALF). A month later, we cut short our name to Books Ameya, or simply Ameya, which is the Sanskrit word for the endless – a word that perfectly describes our desire and appetite for books.

Ameya - For the voracious Indian reader

We believe that our previous logo (see above) didn’t do much justice to our goal or the people we wish to connect with – you, the book-crazy Indian reader. And that’s what has prompted us to come up with a new logo – one that perfectly delineates and portrays the values and goals we stand for.


In an effort to rebrand ourselves and strike a (better) chord with our readers, this logo will be our new identity with immediate effect. Here’s an insight into what every element thereof represents:

  • The blue background symbolizes our commitment to the two complementary virtues of truth and intelligence.
  • The font in which our name appears, represents our love for and dedication to the Indian culture and languages.
  • The book – no guesses there – stands for knowledge and the power of education, which are in perfect consonance with the ideals upheld and cherished by us.
  • Lastly, the several hues in both the ‘book’ and our name stand for and extol the beauty of the biggest strength of our country – its diversity. Unity in diversity – that’s what best defines our proud nation, doesn’t it?

We hope to have your continued support and encouragement. Do let us know your thoughts about our new logo in the comments below!