Books have always been my best friends. Since my formative years, I was a very studious child. I spent most of my time with books, checking them out from the school library and reading them with great interest.

However, as college life beckoned, my busy schedule took its toll on my reading habits. Don’t get me wrong – I still wanted to read, but the lack of free time made it difficult for me to.

Now, I was a big fan of the YouTuber Prajakta Koli. I watched every video she uploaded. In her videos, she would occasionally stress the importance of reading. It turned out that she was an avid reader herself. Listening to her suggestions inspired me to reconnect with books. The first book I read after that pep talk, so to speak, was The Alchemist. I have since read many other books and have even become better at my academics, something I couldn’t do wholeheartedly previously.

Books have transformed my life by boosting my knowledge and blessing me with a new world view. The Alchemist, for example, taught me how a shepherd could fulfill his dreams by following the right path. This taught me that we should never give up on the pursuit of our dreams. All we need to do is listen to our hearts and put in the hard work.

My reading habits have also made me more empathetic and compassionate; they have made me more humble toward others. Besides, reading has helped me learn many a new word, expanding my vocabulary and improving my confidence.

I have several books in my to-read list, and I cannot wait to pick them up.


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