Hello, folks! It’s Neetu here and, today, I would like to share the story of my evolution as a reader.

To be honest, I am completely new to the reading culture. I was someone who would prefer watching a documentary or some web series to reading a book. It was only after learning that some of my all-time favorite movies were actually inspired from books that I started reading.

Well, Inferno is the case in point. I had watched the movie countless times. I didn’t think it could get any better. Well, that was until I read that book, which made me realize that no director could possibly replicate the real thing on the big screen.

Spellbound after a wonderful first encounter with a book, I then went on to read others like The Great Gatsby and Who Will Cry When You Die?. I also read some Indian classics like Half Girlfriend, That Long Silence and Half Torn Hearts. These romantic novels were an absolute joy to read for a diehard Bollywood fan like me. However, reading helped me in many more ways as well. For starters, my concentration got better, helping me achieve bigger things in my career. My vocabulary and confidence also improved by leaps and bounds.

Over time, I realized that most people are keen to read, but they struggle to take time from their busy lives. Well, I for sure had this issue when I was beginning to read. How did I pull it off, then? Well, I just kept at it, taking a few minutes out of my hectic schedule every day to read. And that is one decision that changed both my life and personality. Reading is, in fact, now my favorite way to kill time while traveling or commuting.

And it’s not like reading only has some psychological benefits to it. It can also help you with insomnia. Research says that a thirty-minute reading session before going to bed can actually improve the quality of our sleep. I’m not sure if the same holds true for social media.

Lastly, I strongly encourage young readers to try autobiographies or biographies of successful people like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. In an era where the Indian youth is already making all the right noises, such constructive reading habits could actually take their skills to an all new level! This will also sow the seeds for more promising entrepreneurs in the future.

That was all for my story. Thank you for taking the time to read it!


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