Naïve Notions is all about the realizations that hit us like tides when we are in our early twenties. Moving out for the first time, running into new people, understanding the value of family and home, being deluded, experiencing love, going through a heartbreak, putting up with failures, discovering ourselves, and enjoying life to the fullest. It is a colorful phase of our lives, one that is intertwined with several other phases.

Naïve Notions is a poetry palette meant for everyone looking to see their own reflection in a beautiful thread of words.

Genre: Poetry

Price: 150

Format: Paperback

Published: June 2022

Number of Pages: 49

Language: English

Shrinkhla Gaur, author of Naïve Notions

Author: Shrinkhla Gaur

Publisher: BookLeaf Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-9394898660