A boy and his mom are in the middle of an exhilarating trip to India. Curious about the story of some unique toys at his grandparents’ place, the boy accompanies his mother to a local fair. Centered around ethnic arts and traditions, what does the fair have in store for the inquisitive kid? What memories does the funfair bring back? And more importantly, can this exotic carnival give the boy another reason to revisit India?

Mallika Appana’s My Trip to the Fair is a unique way to introduce your child to the lively experience of a typically bustling Indian fair. Replete with mesmerizing illustrations, the book lets young ones in on one of the most striking features of the vibrant land of India.

Genre: Children’s Books

Price: β‚Ή69

Format: eBook

Published: April 2022

Number of Pages: N/A

Language: English

Mallika Appana, author of My Trip to the Fair

Author: Mallika Appana

Publisher: N/A

ASIN: B09X67J9K4