The term ‘multibagger’ was coined by Peter Lynch in his bestselling book One Up on Wall Street, published in 1988. It simply refers to a stock that delivers returns multiple times its initial cost of acquisition. As easy as it may sound to define such multibagger stocks, identifying them is anything but.

Multibagger Stocks offers readers a simple yet effective technique to identify the stocks that have the potential to generate high returns. Cutting the clutter and drowning out the noise, the book answers the three most critical questions concerning stock market investments: when to invest, how long to remain invested, and finally when to exit. Dispelling the myth that multibagger stocks are devoid of strong fundamentals, the book explains why only the shares with strong fundamentals can become multibaggers. At the same time, Multibagger Stocks forewarns everyone to keep a safe distance from seemingly multibagging companies that destroy wealth.

Genre: Investments & Securities

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Format: Paperback

Published: March 2023

Number of Pages: 208

Language: English

Prasenjit Paul, author of Multibagger Stocks

Author: Prasenjit Paul

Publisher: Penguin Business

ISBN-13: 978-0143456476