I opened my eyes to find the sun streaming in,

The calm of the morn, broken by the song of a bird.

I jumped up and watched her, fascinated,

The note, all but a sad melancholy.


Her breast displayed vivid patches

Of the seven-colored bridge,

Joining the heavens and this wonderful land,

Where one could view the splendors of nature’s gift.


Never before had I heard,

Such a voice, Oh! Such a song,

I stood there rooted to the spot,

Unable to fend off the glorious melody.


I watched wistfully,

As the bird flew off into the wide blue yonder,

And that made me realize

That distance only makes the heart grow fonder.

…now that you’re here

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Pravin Kumar Ameya

An ardent believer in that a good poem isn’t one that comes from, but through you, Pravin enjoys writing short but meaningful poetry. Write to him at pravinkumar2788@gmail.com to know more about him.