Miracles happen to only those who believe in them. – Bernard Berenson

Miracles happen to only those who believe in them.

Bernard Berenson

Contrary to popular belief, a miracle need not be an extraordinary act of magic; it doesn’t necessarily involve men walking on water, or mountains being moved at the touch of a finger, or a rabbit jumping out of a hat. It rather refers to an unexpectedly positive event in the middle of hopelessness and despair – but there is a catch!

One cannot expect for something positive to happen to them so long as they do not believe in such a thing. Some people equate this faith with religiousness. However, that is a matter of debate. What one can claim with certainty is that, regardless of how one sees it, the belief needs to be there. To give an example, you cannot expect people to bail you out of trouble unless you have an inherent belief in the goodness of mankind. You cannot see the goodness in others if you do not believe in it.

Well, miracles may happen to non-believers, for the want of a more fitting word, but more often than not, they simply see such events as an unusual occurrence. Rare are those cynics who are willing to reconsider their stance on lofty notions such as fate or destiny. In other words, most cynics prefer to remain in complete denial of a miracle even after they have experienced or witnessed one. They overexert themselves in trying to make sense of an incident that simply defies logic. They fail to acknowledge and accept the fact that life isn’t a series of logical occurrences, but rather a tapestry of related but inexplicable episodes. And in doing so, they fail to savor the unpredictable nature of life.

Bernard Berenson was an American art historian. Known for his research and works on the Renaissance, Berenson was also an acclaimed philosopher. He once remarked: “Miracles happen to only those who believe in them.”