I had been leading a very hectic life after the sudden demise of my husband. Looking after two young kids, planning for their education and, above all, running the household without any inflow of income… all responsibility had fallen on my shoulders.

I started working in a school. Simultaneously, I started giving evening classes to children to make some extra money. I was also taking care of all the domestic chores without any help from anyone. As time passed, my grown-up kids started living in hostels for their respective jobs. Then came the time when they got married.

Books helped Meera overcome depression

However, the real ordeal in my life began after my retirement. I had virtually nothing left to do. I sank into depression and became increasingly forlorn and restless.

One day, my son brought home a book titled Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. Once I started reading it, there was no turning back. I was so impressed that I took up the motivational works of authors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joseph Murphy and Jack Canfield. I also read Robin Sharma, Louise L. Hay, Paulo Coelho and many others.

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My perspective on life started changing. Instead of being a depressed and irritable soul, I transformed into an easygoing and positive person.

Books are such great healers and offer you solace and a lot of food for thought. They don’t do the thinking for you or solve your problems; they rather force you to do so. They make you realize that life has got a lot more to it than fretting and frowning about trivial things.

Thank you for sharing your short but heartfelt story with us, Meera!

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