Q. What happens when three ambitious, high-achieving, 20-something Mumbaikars become New Yorkers?

A. Madness.

Zipping through life’s ups and downs like a high-speed elevator during rush hour, buddies Shri, Shanks and Neel hold on to each other and their sanity, with a bro-hood bonding that chipkos them together, Fevicol se.

Neel’s the driven hedge fund guy, with a weakness for scotch and women. Tam Brahm Shanks, a techie, falls for the “wrong” girl. Good Son Shri, a banker, holds a secret he means to take to his grave. Their intertwined lives buzz with high-voltage drama, explosive secrets, super-charged romances and a-fuse-a-minute meltdowns.

There’s alcohol-fueled passion, Devdas style. Inter-racial hook-ups. Even a fake affair, because money can’t buy the real thing. When their skyscraper-sized dreams are tested, their friendship is at stake. Their jobs are on the line. Their love lives are on the rocks.

This desified saga of friends in Manhattan is like the city’s rapid transit express subway line. You won’t want any stops in between.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Price: ₹199

Format: Paperback

Published in: 2014

Number of Pages: 280

Language: (Indian) English

Madhuri Iyer: The Author of Manhattan Mango

Author: Madhuri Iyer

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-8172345129

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