Have you ever wondered what total, unrestrained freedom feels like? Well, you need to step into the wild to get a feel of it. After all, the wild is where the law of the universe reigns supreme. The only way to feel really alive is to get out of our comfort zone and embrace the immortal truth of who we really our. Life is, after all, too vast to be explored from the confines of our homes. That is what Man Hunt is all about.

Set in Andhra Pradesh’s Nagarjuna Tiger Reserve, Man Hunt is a book rich in a myriad of emotions. It also brings to the fore significant but overlooked issues like deforestation, the genetic modification of animals, vested political agendas, corrupt media houses, and a lot more. An electrifying journey into India’s most pristine tiger reserve, this novel is an eye-opener for the so-called environmentalists and animals rights’ activists. Man Hunt is a chilling reminder of how we humans have not just failed to protect our planet, but have actively taken part in outdoing each other in a senseless race to exploit it. Having already caused irreparable damage to Mother Earth, is there still a way for humanity to redeem itself? The only way to find out is to walk right into the wild. That is what Man Hunt aims to do – take us back to our roots.

Genre: Religious & Spiritual Fiction

Price: β‚Ή350 β‚Ή299

Format: Paperback

Published: July 2020

Number of Pages: 268

Language: English

Priya Kumar - Author of the novel Man Hunt set in the Nagarjuna Tiger Reserve

Author: Priya Kumar

Publisher: Books That Inspire

ISBN-13: 978-8193391297