Make each day your masterpiece. – John Wooden

Make each day your masterpiece.

John Wooden

Every day is different. It is in itself a new opportunity to both set right the previous day’s errors and build on our progress from the day before. Every sunset brings with it countless possibilities to be an even better version of ourselves. It eventually boils down to what we wish to start our day with – memories of the times gone by, or upbeat thoughts about the ones to come.

The more positive our thoughts, the more likely it is for good things to come to us and vice versa. And believe it or not, it really is up to us whether we wish to fill our minds with positivity or clutter it with pessimism. This choice not only defines our day, but also our chances of success. Our approach to the present shapes our standing in the future. What we did yesterday cannot be changed, but we do today will go a long way in deciding how far we can get in the race called life.

It might sound clichéd, but it is absolutely important to live in the present. Dwelling on the past success or failures not only stalls our progress, but it also means we waste precious time on things that are beyond our control. It keeps us from giving our best on every opportunity that comes our way or optimally dealing with every challenge that life throws at us. Planning is critical to success, and a perfect plan requires a perfect concentration. How can one fully commit to a goal when their mind is constantly oscillating between the past and the present?

However, this isn’t the same as being busy and missing out on the small joys of life. The goal should rather be to be more productive. Time is of the essence, and how one manages and utilizes their time is what sets one person apart from another. We can either look at each day as a fresh beginning and make it our masterpiece, or keep fretting about the past and waste the time we have on our hands at present.

John Robert Wooden was an American basketball coach and player. Nicknamed the Wizard of Westwood over his astounding basketball career, Wooden was also an accomplished life coach. He once remarked: “Make each day your masterpiece.”