It was only a few years ago that Khushi Mishra lost her father in a freak car accident. Now, she is back in the hospital to see her mom grapple with death every minute. She is on the verge of becoming an orphan when fate brings a stranger into her life. His presence showers her deprived soul with the care it craved for. It takes her just a couple of days to fall for this stranger.

Ahaan Rajvansh has everything a man could dream of – top-class education, a prosperous business, and a best friend who knows him inside out. They are still fresh from the three best days of their life when an accident takes away everything they held dear. Having lost everything moments ago, he now fights for his life in the hospital. And just when all seems to be lost, she walks into his life like a breath of fresh air.

Grief binds two souls like nothing else, but do they have what it takes to survive the test of time? Will their love make it through the harsh realities of life? That is what Ruchi Chandra Verma’s Like a Breath of Fresh Air… is all about.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Price: β‚Ή99

Format: eBook

Published: November 2022

Number of Pages: 72

Language: English

Ruchi Chandra Verma, author of Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Author: Ruchi Chandra Verma

Publisher: Self-Published