Summary: Working as an assistant wedding planner at an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, Meha encounters the delectably handsome wedding photographer, Samir. Conceited and a flirt, Samir reveals that the bride happens to be his ex. But when Meha finds out that Samir is using their relationship only as experiential material for his novel, she leads him to believe that he means nothing to her. Their chapter closes. But life has other plans for Meha. Five years later, she finds herself in an online reality show living-in with the same Samir and trying to understand the true meaning of love. Will she find the forever-wala love in a world where relationships can be as brief as text messages and where we are spoilt for choices, whether it’s the screensaver on our phone or the flavours of a condom? An interesting take on relationships in our times, Let’s Have Coffee is a funny and witty, warm and wonderfully realistic story of two very different people who fall in love.

Genre: Adult Fiction

Price: ₹295  ₹177

Format: Paperback

Published: September, 2017

Number of Pages: 240

Language: (Indian) English

Author: Parul Mittal

Publisher: Rupa Publications India

ISBN-13: 978-8129148667

Ameya Rating: 3/5

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Parul Mittal
Parul Mittal
About the author: Parul Mittal is an Indian author whose works have captivated the Indian youth. Apart from reading and writing fiction, Parul loves listening to old Hindi music, playing board games, painting, trekking and lawn tennis.