We are often told to value our blessings. However, very few of us know what these blessings actually are. Well, I was no exception to this. It took me a good while to figure out where my interest really was.

Those days are still etched in my memory. They were, after all, my college days. The times I spent in the company of my friends, the unforgettable moments we spent in the classroom and the campus, the pre- and post-exam discussions, the train journeys, the picnics that accommodated temple visits, the camps, the tours and whatnot.

It was the beginning of a new semester. That was the semester that saw me read classics like Pride and Prejudice, Julius Caesar, and Murder in the Cathedral, not to mention the poems of William Wordsworth. To think this was just the beginning of my reading journey! I had finally found my calling.

About me, well, I was a rustic. However, I belonged to my lineage’s first-ever literate generation. The ups and downs I went through while reading these classics had me spellbound and wanting for more. The immediate result was that I didn’t have to prepare for my exams. Well, not consciously, I mean. Being a student of English literature, my curriculum was all about dramas and novels. These subjects came very naturally to me. The result? My scores in assignments, projects and exams skyrocketed overnight.

Feeling more motivated than ever, I continued to explore literature beyond academic compulsions. The more I read, the deeper in love I fell with books. Before I knew it, this passion for reading had transformed into one for writing. It was as if I had grown tired of my one-way communication with books and wanted to share my feelings with them.

As I grew up, my reading experiences made me a better person. I began to appreciate the virtues of sympathy and benevolence even better.

I would like to sum up by saying that reading is both a wonderful hobby and an excellent outlet. Anyone who wishes to explore the world and their true self alike should turn to books.


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