‘You will suffer a beastly death. You will die lonely, helpless and aggrieved.’

The curse of the erstwhile Kaurava queen, Gandhari, has come true. Krishna lies mortally wounded by Jara’s arrow near the confluence of the Saraswati, Kapila and Hiranya rivers. As he walks down the memory lane for one final time, the women in his life stand before him. The first of them is the scholarly royal consort, Rukmini. She is the most precious of Krishna’s 16,008 wives. Stunned to see her husband in such condition, she wonders why he is attaining moksha alone when they were supposed to be co-travelers on the path of dharma, artha and kama.

Next up is Satyabhama, the woman who had walked into his life carrying the precious Syamantaka diamond in her trousseau. She was the one who had overwhelmed Krishna with her beauty; the one who taught him what marriage and conjugal love truly mean. Krishna’s dearest friend, Draupadi, is also eager to know if Krishna has ever shown any romantic interest in her. Lastly, it is Krishna’s eternal soulmate, Radha, who, although now another man’s wife, once again prepares to release him of all ties and bonds – just like she had when Madhava had left Gokul all those years ago.

Krishnayan is a touching account of what these four legendary women meant to Krishna. Despite its obvious sentimental undertones, the book is not short on intensity. One of the all-time bestsellers in Gujarati literature – having sold more than two hundred thousand copies over twenty-eight editions – Krishnayan is a memorable character sketch of a man who achieved divinity through his selfless love for all mortal beings.

Genre: Legends & Sagas

Price: β‚Ή499 β‚Ή355

Format: Paperback

Published: January 2021

Number of Pages: 270

Language: English

Kaajal Oza Vaidya, author of the bestselling Gujarati novel Krishnayan

Author: Kaajal Oza Vaidya

Publisher: Eka

ISBN-13: 978-8194879008