Kalpvakrsh is a comprehensive guide that explores the importance of diversifying your income streams and provides practical tips for creating sustainable wealth. This is because depending on a single source of income can be a risky venture.

With focus on passive income, Kalpavrksh explores lucrative earning opportunities that can generate long-term wealth. From the power of digital coaching and launching a successful side business, to exploring the world of drop shipping, peer-to-peer lending, cloud kitchens, print-on-demand, and more, the book presents a wide array of income-generating avenues. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific side business or investment option, providing detailed insights, step-by-step instructions, and invaluable tips for maximizing earnings.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an ambitious businessperson, a professional seeking additional income, or someone simply looking to add value to your spare time, Kalpavrksh: Unleash the Power of Multiple Sources of Income can be your go-to resource. By leveraging the potential of various digital platforms, investment opportunities, and emerging trends, you can learn to turn your passions and skills into sustainable income streams.

Written in an engaging style, the book combines real-life success stories, practical examples, and expert advice to inspire and empower readers. Each chapter builds upon the previous one, allowing readers to gradually expand their understanding of multiple income sources. Overall, Kalpavrksh covers a wide range of possibilities to help readers become financially independent.

Genre: Financial Education

Price: β‚Ή295

Format: eBook

Published: June 2023

Number of Pages: 197

Language: English

Aamar Srivastava, author of Kalpavrksh

Author: Aamar Srivastava

Publisher: Self-Published