Jim Stovall is an Olympic weightlifter, a successful investment broker and an entrepreneur from America. Despite being blind, he is one of the most sought after motivational speakers around the world. He was selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans in 1994 by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce. He authored several books like Success Secrets of Super Achievers and The Way I See the World. He received many accolades and awards for his humanitarian work.


A journey may be long or short, but it must start at the very spot one finds oneself.

Jim Stovall’s novel The Ultimate Gift, starts with this heart-touching quote.  The quote lays foundation to the inspiring and thoughtful story that lies ahead. Readers are motivated to think about life in a different way. The author emphasizes the importance of leading a meaningful life that does not depend on material things like money.

The story is about Jason Stevens, a twenty-four-year old man who embarks on a journey to receive the Ultimate Gift left by his rich and successful uncle Red Stevens. Red leaves a box for Jason as inheritance. Though Jason is initially disappointed that he got something that looks like a home video as a gift while the other members of the family received millions of dollars, he goes about the tasks set out by his uncle so that he would be eligible to receive the Ultimate Gift.

The novel is written from the perspective of Theodore J. Hamilton, who is an octogenarian lawyer and a close friend of Red Stevens. He is entrusted with the job of handing over the proceedings of will to the family members, and guiding Jason through the journey. Red Stevens feels that Jason is the last vestige of hope left in his family and has the ability to understand and spread the Ultimate Gift around the world. Red wants Jason to meet the lawyer at the start of every month, for a year, and carry out the task mentioned in his will.

Jason receives one gift every month from his uncle. He undergoes the tasks set out by his uncle which enable him to understand the importance of various aspects of life, such as the dignity of work, the importance of money, family, friends, love, and the art of gratitude and giving. By the time Jason receives the last gift at the end of the year, he realizes that a life lived to its fullest is its own ultimate gift and becomes desirous of spreading the message to help others gain from his enlightening experiences.

Excerpt from 'The Ultimate Gift' by Jim Stovall

The paperback novel consists of 158 pages and is divided into fifteen chapters, with an introduction to the author at the end. Each chapter is short and interesting. Each chapter starts with an interesting quote that summarizes the proceedings. The quotes are very meaningful and motivating.

The book is a suitable read for all age groups. It is a perfect gift for family and friends during this festive season. The simple and engaging write-up motivates the readers to ponder on life, appreciate what they have and strive for success.

The Ultimate Gift merits a 3/5 rating. The book is motivational and apt for new readers. The language is simple and easy to follow. However, the readers are left wanting for more as there is no in-depth description of the struggles faced by Jason to understand the importance of the gifts left over by his uncle.