India, that is Bharat is the first-ever comprehensive trilogy on the influence of European colonial consciousness, especially its religious and racist roots, on Bharat as the successor state to the Indic civilization and the origins of the Indian Constitution. The book perfectly sets the stage for its sequels, covering the period between Columbus’ Age of Discovery in 1492 and the reshaping and restructuring of Bharat through a British-made Constitution by way of the Government of India Act, 1919. The founding of the League of Nations by the West also played a significant role in this.

The book also looks back on the origins of seemingly universal notions such as ‘tolerance’, ‘secularism’ and ‘humanism’ in Christian political theology. It critically examines the role they played in undermining and demonizing the Indic traditions in the garb of secularism, universalism and constitutionalism.

Sai Deepak also analyzes the concept of Middle Eastern coloniality, which predated its European equivalent, and how it contributed to the Abrahamic faiths’ shared antipathy toward the Indic worldview. India, that is Bharat is a civilizational masterpiece on religion, culture, history, education, language and, above all, constitutionalism.

Genre: Political Theory / Indic Civilization

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Format: Hardcover

Published: August 2021

Number of Pages: 484

Language: English

J Sai Deepak, author of the bestseller India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution

Author: J. Sai Deepak

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

ISBN-13: β€Ž978-9354352492