In Search of Spring is the bittersweet story of Sara and Karthik, who have never really gotten along. They are poles apart – while Karthik is charming and is fond of surprises, Sara is too confident, perhaps even rude. While one is more of a team player, the other likes doing things her own way.

And yet, their paths invariably converge. It happens once, then again, and then it almost becomes something expected; something that transcends seasons and years. They learn and re-learn the same lessons over and over again, while choosing to ignore them every time.

Maybe because love isn’t always meant to be, or is it? That is what In Search of Spring is all about.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Price: β‚Ή160

Format: Kindle

Published: December 2020

Number of Pages: 149

Language: English

Shreya Shively, author of the book In Search of Spring

Author: Shreya Shively

Publisher: Writer’s Pocket