They say that books are a man’s best friends. Nothing could have defined my life better.

I am Gyan and today I would like to tell you about the role that books have played in my life. My relationship with books began at a very young age. This was particularly relevant for a shy kid like me. I did not meet a lot of people, and that probably added to my sense of loneliness. Books definitely helped me fill that void. Reading had, in fact, soon become both a habit and a necessity. 

As I grew up, I learned to perceive the world through whatever I had learned from my reading experiences. My desire to learn new things strengthened my bond with books. While I only used to read comics and Panchatantra stories as a child, I transitioned to novels and biographies as I grew older. I still remember the day when my brother gifted me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for my birthday. I still have it with me as one of my most cherished possessions.

Growing up, books have become an inseparable part of Gyan Shastri's life

Looking back, books have been faithful companions for me. Whether it is a moment of anxiety or a feeling of solitude, all I need to do is start reading a book to calm myself down. For me, they are as much an endless source of knowledge as the fountainhead of immense peace of mind. I personally feel that they have answers to all our questions; all we need to do is ask sincerely.


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