If I have to single out one book that brought about a drastic change in my life, it would undoubtedly be Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. I would even go on to say that it can change the life of anyone who is willing to read it to the end. However, the key here is that, whilst positive, the change is a transient one; in other words, you need to keep reading the book again and again to harness the positivity that it has on offer.

The Secret generally helped me from three perspectives:

  • Improving my love life: To start with, I was introduced to this book by my beloved husband. When he realized my unwillingness to read it, he asked me to watch a video about it. That is when I understood its utility. My marital life wasn’t going particularly well in those days as my negativity had started taking its toll on our relationship. The secrets I learned from the book came in very handy to salvage our marriage.

'The Secret' played a key role in helping Aisha remain focused on her goals

  • Giving a fresh impetus to my career goals: I was in my third year as a medical student when my father’s poor health forced me to get married. I was concerned that my married life would come in the way of my studies and that fulfilling my dream of getting a medical degree would remain nothing but a dream. After I read this book and moved to a new house that marked the beginning of my marital life, I thought about giving my newfound knowledge a try. I took a pen and wrote in big, bold letters, “Come what may, I will get my degree and work in a renowned hospital”. And fulfill my dream I did! No matter how difficult the circumstances were, I remained focused and obtained my degree with distinction. For example, I was around three months pregnant when I took my exam. In the end, all of it was worth the pain – I became a doctor and now work at the best hospital in town. Today, I am not just a mother to two lovely children, but I am also about to complete my Master’s. Where getting one degree seemed an uphill task, The Secret gave me the much-needed impetus to push for a second.
  • Boosting my financial standing: Like Byrne advises in her book, we should stop worrying about money and rather start thinking positively about it. As strange as it might sound, I always seem to get the money I need – after, of course, I have put in the efforts to get it. While this might sound like a miracle, it is just the power of the human psyche.

So, there it is. My story isn’t about multiple books. It is about just one book that was enough to change my life. I hope it can motivate you to change yours as well.


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